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07.09. – 26.10. 2014

When You Light a Lantern in the Summer Night Many Strange Things Come Flying

Curated by Kordula Fritze-Srbic

In her central medium the collage, the Danish artist Kirstine Roepstorff recontextualizes found and new materials into surprisingly new visual worlds through the process of copying, cutting, and arranging. The seemingly formless finds a form; time and space are reinterpreted. The technique of sorting and arranging, or as the artist puts it, of "reappropriating," allows her to create space for the absent, and the negative—suggesting the in-between.

For the first time, the exhibition brings together works from Roepstorff's private collection, which she does not make available for sale. The pieces represent different creative periods and are considered among her personal milestones due to their intensity of content and technical workmanship. They also serve as sources of inspiration for new phases of development. The special layout of the historical Altes Rathaus Göttingen guides the viewer through her work: the four smaller cabinet rooms present Roepstorff’s exploration of world structures and power systems, social configurations and cultural differences, and interrogations of balance. The large entrance is immersed in light and shadow with her illuminated, Asian-inspired lanterns, which gave rise to the exhibition title When You Light A Lantern In The Summer Night Many Strange Things Come Flying. This title also reflects the artist’s fundamental interest in exploring the balance between light and shadow, the visible and the invisible, the varioud rhythms of time, history and personal stories. The larger exhibition space to the right offers an insight into her newest works, in which the artist explores the phenomenon of vibration and sound; resounding throughout the exhibition as a whole and this contribution creates a direct interaction between older and more recent works.

The exhibition guides viewers through individual phases of Kirstine Roepstorff’s production. Like the artist’s collages, the works provide layers of visual experience—one work developing from another, or contradicting the next, or even one period being superimposed on another.

Produced for the exhibition, the artist book Horizons of the Moving Mind by Kirstine Roepstorff book contains nine sections, each focused on one work of her personal collection. Roepstorff uses her longstanding approach of "reappropriating" to combine found materials, collages, and texts in a personal interpretation of each work. The book, created by the artist in collaboration with designer Christopher Jung, offers a deep insight into her world of images.