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21.06. – 02.08. 2015

Hotel Absence

Kunstverein Göttingen is pleased to present the first institutional solo exhibition of Fiete Stolte from June 21 to August 2, 2015.

The works of Fiete Stolte open up a dimension of the imaginary, drawing us into an experience of objects, materials, and images that focus our perceptions, while consistently pointing to a realm of action beyond what we see. Pared-down and precise, his visual vocabulary sustains this taught balance between the virtual and the real. More than a place, Hotel Absence frames the temporal moment and instance of understanding that spans these two realms. With poetic force and clarity he evokes the simultaneity of presence and absence of a body in time and space—with breathtakingly simple means.

A central work that lends the exhibition its core dynamic and rhythm is the new video installation Sun Moon. Two individual videos of the sun and moon show each gleaming orb as a reflection on the same dark surface of water. In the projections, which are reflected onto the wall via a mirror positioned on the floor, the sun and moon approach each other in an agitated motion, overlap in a brief, bright “eclipse,” and separate again—a movement contradicting the natural orbit of these heavenly bodies, which normally determines the cycle of day and night. By creating this meditative parallel motion of the sun and moon Stolte suggests a different order and experience of time—a core theme in his work. Also on view are sculptural works as well as Stolte’s unique photo booth, Eye, which visitors will be able to use to make a portrait of themselves, in this case an image of the self reflected in the pupil of in one’s own eye.

Accompanying the exhibition is the first comprehensive catalogue of Fiete Stoltes work, which is being published by Sieveking Verlag.