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10.01. – 21.02. 2016

dove step

Kunstverein Göttingen presents dove step, Britta Thie's first physical institutional solo show. The artist has developed a site-specific 'future fairy-tale', a spatialized script containing extracts from popular media, such as comic strips, as well as theoretical references to Cold Intimacies. The Making Of Emotional Capitalism by Eva Illouz.

Thie, who is known most recently for her Schirn Kunsthalle and ARTE Creative coproduced web-series Transatlantics (2015), further explores the boundaries between fiction and reality, whilst weaving family archive materials and objects into the dove step narrative.

Thie transforms the exhibition space into a colorful, exuberant landscape and presents the viewer with a contemporary survival guide, which analyzes and focuses on the emotional mobility of the post-internet generation with a keen eye and a playful sense of humor. Alongside a new series of comic-like paintings (Mama And Nana, 2015, Yoshi’s Island saved the date, 2015, Happiness Bully, 2015), Thie, together with producer and musician Ville Haimala, has developed and composed a soundtrack for the exhibition examining the concept of 'voice-overs'. The voice-over hereby functioning as the referential frame, wherein the diary-like poems structure the exhibition space, addressing the viewer and embedding him and her into the narrative.

The title of the exhibition is a neologism with which Thie references dubstep, a minimalist form of bass-heavy electronic music. dove step is Thie's 'soft version' of dubstep and similarly played a significant part in her 2013 work The Emotional Mobility Editorial.

Britta Thie (*1987, Minden, Germany) studied fine art at the Academy of Fine Arts Münster, Berlin University of the Arts and Cooper Union of Science and Art, New York. In 2013 she completed her studies as master student of Hito Steyerl at the UDK Berlin. In recent years she has shown work at Anthology Film Archives, (New York), Mumok (Vienna), Auto Italia (London), Sandy Brown Gallery and KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin). In 2015 she received a working grant from the Stiftung Kunstfonds.

dove step is the first exhibition in the 2016 program, curated by Kunstverein Göttingen's new artistic director Anja Lückenkemper.

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