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Gansterer McLardy
Paucar Stillwell

23.03. – 04.05. 2014

movement matters

Nikolaus Gansterer
Laura McLardy
Antonio Paucar
Madeline Stillwell

Curated by Kordula Fritze-Srbic

Is a work of art an object or a process? Is it a »material« or a »trace« of an event or action? The exhibition movement matters investigates the relationship between an artistic working process and the final manifestation of a work in which development and product are intimately linked. At a time when the ephemeral art form of the performance has become increasingly common in exhibitions, movement matters explores how various artists use aspects of time-based performance in ways that outlast the momentary while also serving the notion of a lasting work of art.

The invited artists engage in performatives practices and also produce works of art. The »genre« of their work oscillates between the immateriality of the ephemeral and the »permanence« of the artifact, with the transition from one to the other often being imperceptible. In this group exhibition formal patterns and objects are presented in a context that is set apart from of the preliminary act of their creation, although they entail forms, traces, and structures that refer to the process of their origin—thus generating an active link between the viewer and the creator.

The focus of the group exhibition at Kunstverein Göttingen – curated by Kordula Fritze-Sribc – lies on the works and concerns of a generation of emerging artists, whose work draws on the over fifty-year history of performance-based practice.

At the opening the curator will speak with artist Nikolaus Gansterer and Madeline Stillwell about their work.


Nikolaus Gansterer

In collaboration with the musician Annelie Gahl (violin), Nikolaus Gansterer (born 1974 in Klosterneuburg, Austria, lives and works in Vienna) explores Merce Cunningham and John Cage’s »Cheap Imitation / Second Hand« in his work in »Third Hand.« Gansterer creates a reinterpretation of one of these artists’ key works, translating it into a spatial arrangement that comprises drawings, video, and installation.

Antonio Paucar
The use of the body as an artistic medium is central to Antonio Paucar’s practice (born 1973 in Huancayo, Peru, lives and works in Berlin and Peru). In »Choreography of the Dancers« spinning tops have been altered to inscribe a fine mesh of lines and circular motions onto paper. In the video installation »La Shushupe« graphite dust rises through space, leaving marks behind that seem to have been drawn by an invisible hand.

Madeline Stillwell
The works of Madeline Stillwell (born 1978 in Minneapolis, USA, lives and works in Berlin) are founded on the bodily gesture. For the exhibition the artist is presenting sculptures made from a range of found and self made materials, onto which the physical actions of the artist are inscribed. The resulting negative space in and between materials is the results of an encounter between a body and its surroundings.

Laura McLardy
Laura McLardy’s (born 1984 in London, lives and works in Berlin) work focuses on the »writing of dance,« or choreography. She transforms prescribed steps and actions into abstracted patterns and invites the viewer to explore and re-enact these transcribed flows of movement.